Housing development proposal - Buckden

Ref. 18/01395/OUT. The erection of up to 230 dwellings with public open space, landscaping and sustainable drainage system (SuDS). Land North of Mill Road Buckden

This planning application for over 200 houses off Mill Road in Buckden remains in consideration by Huntingdon District Council. Whilst not included in plans for housing development in the area it has still not been rejected. There is much local opposition for reasons of traffic, landscape, village envelope expansion and wildlife to name but a few. GOVT has objected to this application owing to its two-fold impact on the landscape of the Ouse Valley: it is in a prominent position overlooking the valley; and the area is important for breeding and wintering birds. GOVT will continue to maintain its objection and is in discussions with Buckden residents about the matter.


Proposal for River Crossing between Huntingdon and Houghton

The Peterborough and Cambridgeshire Combined Authority is actively developing a proposal for a further river crossing to bridge the Wyton and north Huntingdon development sites with the A14. This proposal is currently the subject of a feasibility study and is included in the Authority’s proposals for a Local transport Plan which is currently out for consultation. You can find out more about the transport strategy and the road crossing among many other transport issues here.   https://cambridgeshirepeterborough-ca.gov.uk/about-us/programmes/transport/ltp

Needless to say GOVT view this proposal with grave concern. We do not doubt that there is a case for improved transport systems to provide for the new housing and business development. However, we seriously question the sustainability of putting a new road across the river and its flood plain at this point. It is one of the best examples of our Great Ouse landscape left unsullied by development and contains not just an important landscape but also sites of very high nature conservation interest plus a recreational resource second to none in the valley. We will be seeking further discussions with the appropriate authorities and providing comments to the transport consultation reference above. We would encourage all those with an interest in the valley to do likewise.

Please see NEWS AND EVENTS for the GOVT response to the consultation