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Earlier this year GOVT made representations to CPCA (Cambridge and Peterborough Combined Authority) about the commission of a consultant (supplier) to report on the potential for a third river crossing between Huntingdon and St Ives across some of the most wonderful landscapes in the whole Great Ouse Valley.

We have been joined by many others in our campaign that the third river crossing should not be part of the CPCA Local Transport plan, and that there are many other options that have to be considered. This landscape is too precious and fundamental to the success of Cambridgeshire to be sacrificed for any short term convenience.

Following our campaign, on 3rd December, the CPCA announced that the appointment of consultants was now on official hold for reconsideration of an alternative way of delivering the Huntingdon Third River Crossing study requirement.

This is an important result but certainly does not mean the road proposal is going away. The Trust will need to redouble its efforts to ensure that this tranquil and beautiful landscape is not destroyed. As we know Cambridgeshire is the most intensely arable county in England and the Great Ouse Valley is now so much more significant within the fast suburbanisation of the surrounding towns and villages.

GOVT is committed to stopping this new road and fighting for a transport structure that acknowledges the protection of the environment within Cambridgeshire as its starting point.

Graham Campbell

Great Ouse Valley Trust