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Following previous announcements about the 3.2 m investment in new eel screens along the river Great Ouse Anglian Water now report that their works at the Offord Water Treatment Works has been postponed. The plan is now to start construction in autumn this year. Once we are advised of the confirmed dates we will update this site.

Please follow this link https://www.anglianwater.co.uk/siteassets/hidden/iya/lucy/2019-02-offord-map.pdf to learn more about this scheme. Anglian Water say it will be made into a sign which will be displayed on the walking route in the coming weeks to inform the local residents and walkers of the temporary closure and diversion route.


Update received 30 September 2019

Anglian Water report that the works due to take Place at the Offord D’Arcy Intake have now received the go ahead to start on site and so they will be setting up from this week. The site manager is aiming to keep the footpath past the works open until 28 October 2019.

Update received 25 November 2019
Work has now started and is expected to last until approximately Spring 2020.
Rebecca Housden, Anglian Water Customer Service Coordinator 07801 662998

For further information, please contact Lucy Foster, Anglian Water Customer Service Coordinator 07545 051294


NOTE: The European eel is now classed as critically endangered after a 95 per cent decline in population over the last 25 years. The new screens will provide safe passage along the watercourse for the eels, fish and other organisms. This will protect them from the machinery of weirs and locks which will otherwise prevent them completing their migration cycle in order to reproduce.