Jones’ Boatyard, St Ives, 19 May 2021

Here is a tale of daring do and dedication that will warm your heart. The drama caught the attention of the BBC Breakfast and the hero, Rob Adamson, was interviewed live from Jones Boatyard. The story has now gone viral.

Rob lives on a narrow boat in a quiet corner of the marina and is passionate about wildlife. You may recall he contributed our Sights and Sounds on the Water Vole. One evening recently the water level in the marina rose alarmingly. Rob was concerned as he knew the nearby Mute Swan nest held 8 eggs. He also knew that you are not supposed to interfere in natural events in the wild, but this was a swan that he had already protected from predators with a fox-proof fence. And he had seen her lose eggs in previous years. He was determined this time to save her nest and so sprang into action. He had to think quickly. As the waters lapped the nest in the dark he made a makeshift raft and gently slid the nest, eggs and all, onto it. He says, ‘The dad was watching, but neither of the parents attacked me. I think they knew it was their best chance.’ He roped the nest to his boat so it would not float away and a few days later the eggs all hatched successfully. What a story, and what a hero! Well done Rob.


Photos by Rob Adamson

Rob and BBC Cameraman by Jones Boatyard

 Trustee Ian Jackson