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Promoting, for public benefit, the conservation, restoration and enjoyment of the landscape, wildlife and heritage of the Great Ouse Valley and its environs in Cambridgeshire.

The Great Ouse Valley is a valuable community resource in one of the UK’s areas of fastest expanding population and infrastructure. People need green spaces and fresh air to thrive.

The wonderful countryside of the Great Ouse Valley has protected landscapes and nature reserves, a recognised rich bio-diversity, stunning historic buildings, an immense social history dating back to the dawn of civilisation.

It’s a landscape for life – and as such, it is vital we protect it now, and for future generations.



This website is currently under construction and so some sections still await their contributions from the relevant Trustees. Should you need information on any aspect of our work on the Great Ouse Valley not yet available on the website please use the Contact Us menu option on this page.


Registered Charity Number 1179977