tranquil wilderness

The countryside of the Great Ouse Valley is largely hidden and remote from roads and their noise. A car can only bring the visitor to a few points on the perimeter of the area. To enter, properly enjoy and explore the Great Ouse Valley, the visitor must be on foot, bike, horse or boat.

Once within the Great Ouse Valley the visitor is well catered for with numerous footpaths and bridleways including the long distance Ouse Valley Way and National Cycle Route 51.

The quiet, slow moving River Great Ouse, with the wind amongst its rushes and reeds, embodies the whole area with tranquillity. The settlements are on the edges of the area – beyond the reach of the wide seasonal floods.

The flood plain meadows provide large stretches of uninterrupted countryside. They have a seemingly endless reach to the horizon and the wide East Anglian skies.

Huge tracts of lakes and reed beds are ‘new’ wildernesses, specifically designed for wildlife with very limited human access. Birdsong is everywhere. Just a few examples are: – skylarks, warblers, the cuckoo and nightingales in spring and summer, followed by migrating geese and colonies of rooks in autumn and winter.