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The Great Ouse Valley Trust is now receiving media attention throughout the region. Below are links to our Medai Releases and the Cuttings resulting from these and also from articles we have submitted

Media Releases.

MEDIA RELEASE: Third River Crossing Plan withdrawn 23rd June 2020

MEDIA RELEASE: Bringing back the trees to the Great Ouse Valley 7th May 2020

We are pleased to report that the above Media Release appeared on the Hunts Post website
on 22 June and in the paper on 23 June 2020

MEDIA RELEASE: What price the Nightingale's song?  23rd April 2020


The Hunts Post 4th November 2020 article

Civic Society of St Ives Annual Report 2020

The Hunts Post 7th October 2020 article

St Ives NOW! October - November 2020 article

St Ives NOW! August - September 2020 article

The Hunts Post 2nd September 2020 article

The Hunts Post website article 16th April 2020

Cambridge Independent news cutting 8th April 2020