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In this section we plan to build a list of references to other websites, media platforms, magazines, books - in fact to anywhere we have discovered items, articles, news announcements and so on that we feel may be of interest to you.


British Wildlife Magazine online:

See https://www.britishwildlife.com/article/volume-31-number-5-page-352-358 for an in-depth article The decline of the Great Ouse valley floodplain meadows by Martin Baker and Pat Doody. [Click here to download the original version, courtesy of Pat Doody, with more data showing how the meadows have changed which were not included in the published version.]

British Wildlife Magazine

Floodplain Meadows Partnership – valuing, conserving and exploring our heritage
See http://www.floodplainmeadows.org.uk/
The FMP objectives are:
• Give evidence-based advice to managers and landowners on floodplain meadow management
• Support and encourage restoration through sharing best practice, case studies and latest evidence
• Provide mechanisms to increase knowledge about eco-hydrology among meadow managers and advisers
• Share our evidence with Government to advocate floodplain meadow management and restoration

The Fen Edge Trail Project – a journey across landscape and time
See http://www.fenedgetrail.org/
Explore the Cambridgeshire Fen Edge on a Landscape Heritage trail. The Fen Edge is where low-lying fenland meets the surrounding ‘highland’, roughly where the land lies 5 metres above current sea level. The Fen Edge, including the many fen islands, provided drier land that was often a refuge from the marshes and it is here where much of the history of the fens can be discovered by looking at the clues that remain.

Cambridgeshire Geological Society
See http://www.cambsgeology.org/565-2-3-3
Learn about the three distinct landscapes of the Great Ouse Valley reflecting the contours and geology beneath, plus associated fossils and human archaeology.

Here we list selected titles which cover a variety of topics related to the Great Ouse Valley which may be of interest to you. Some are out of print but may still be available online from dealers. We are grateful to Chris Howes for access to his comprehensive archive which makes up most of this list.

Artists along the Ouse 1880–1930, Bridget Flanagan (self-published) 2010

Bradshaw’s Canals and Navigable Rivers, Henry de Salis, David and Charles reprint 1969

The Black Fens, A.K. Astbury, County History Reprints 1957

The Buildings of England: Cambridgeshire, N. Pevsner 1954

The Cambridgeshire Fens, Trevor Bevis and Malcolm Allen, Cottage Publications 2010

Cambridgeshire: Huntingdonshire and the Isle of Ely, E.A.R. Ennion 1951

The Canals of Eastern England, John Boyes and Ronald Russel, David & Charles 1977

Cheap Jack, Zita S. Baring-Gould, 1896, Amazon reprint

A Commanding View: The Houses and Gardens of Houghton Hill, Bridget Flanagan, Great Ouse Valley Trust 2020

The County Book of Bedfordshire, Laurence Meynell, Robert Hale Ltd 1950

The County Book of Cambridgeshire, E.A.R. Ennion, Robert Hale Ltd 1950

Exploring Historical Cambridgeshire, Robert Leader, The History Press 2014

Fenland Barge Traffic, John K. Wilson, Robert Wilson Publications 1972

Fenland Rivers, Alan & Michael Roulstone, Balfour 1974

Fenland Rivers, Iris Wedgwood, Rich & Cowan Ltd 1936

From Punt to Plough, Rex Sly, History Press Co 2003

The Great Level, Dorothy Summers, David & Charles Ltd 1976

The Great Ouse, Dorothy Summers, David & Charles Ltd 1973

The Great Ouse, Wilson Stephens, Muller, Blond & White 1985

Great Ouse Country, Andrew Hunter Blair, John Nickalls Publishing 2002

Hereward The Wake, Charles Kingsley, Nelson Classics 1865

Inland Waterways of Great Britain, L.A. Edwards, Imray, Laurie, Norie & Wilson 1939

Ouses’s Silent Tide, Rev. C.F. Farrar, County History Reprints 1921 (reprinted 1969)

The River Great Ouse and the River Cam, Josephine Jeremiah, Phillimore & Co. 2006

Rivers to the Fens, Robert Simper, Creekside Publishing 2000

St Neots, C.F. Tebbutt, Phillimore & Co. Ltd 1978

St Neots Past, Rosa Young, Phillimore & Co. Ltd 1996

The Story of Ely, Michael Rouse, Phillimore & Co. Ltd 2016

Times of Flood, Anthony Day, S.B. Publications 1997

Vanishing Cambridgeshire, Mike Petty, Breedon Books Publishing Ltd 2003

The Water and Steam Mills of Huntingdonshire’s Great Ouse, Hugh Howes, The Mills Archive 2020