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Thank you for interest in becoming a GOVT Supporter. Our Constitution defines our management structure of eight Trustee members including three officers, plus various consultants who contribute specialist experience and skills to projects as and when we need them. However, we are very keen to offer an opportunity to people who would like to feel involved in our work, plans and activities. We certainly encourage you to contribute to our Sights and Sounds page when you are out and about in the Ouse Valley. But we may also need hands-on volunteers for a particular project – tree planting, litter picking, surveying or controlling the invasive Floating Pennywort in our waterways - for example. As a Supporter registered with us we will be quickly in touch with you with details of such opportunities, or indeed if a need arises to seek your opinion on a development plan, or sign a petition.

At this stage of our development joining our Supporters Group is free. You would not have a right to vote and you would not be a member of the Ouse Valley Trust. However,  you would represent a valuable resource for us of people committed to our aims and objectives, and who we would appreciate getting to know to help inform our plans.

If you have made a donation we will already have your contact details. If you have not then please complete the form below and send to us. We will acknowledge your message, add you to our Supporters Group records and look forward to keeping you informed!

Fields marked with an asterisk * are mandatory and must not be left blank.


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